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Colony Motel

65 Hiering Ave.

Seaside Heights, NJ 08751



Prom Season Gallery

We are fortunate to have the BEST guests of any motel in town.

Here, with their permission, are pictures of some of our past guests. 

Click on an image below to see an enlarged view. 

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    The crew from South River High school. 2007  
    The nice group from Woodbridge HS. May 10, 2008.
    Pretty Girls from Woodbridge HS. May 10, 2008.
    Manchester, NJ girls in Room 20. May 10, 2008.
    One of the rooms from North Bergen HS, NJ. May 17 2008.
    The crew from Princeton HS on the 2nd floor balcony. May 17 2008.
    The group from Princeton HS again. What a nice picture for them to remember their special time together. May 17 2008.
    A nice keepsake for the guys from North Bergen HS, NJ. May 17 2008.
    Some of the guys from North Bergen HS, NJ. May 17 2008.
    The two couples that Mr and Mrs Elias chaperoned from Bogata, NJ. May 17 2008.
    Relaxing by the Pool. Memorial Day Weekend 2008.
    Friends for life. Memorial Day Weekend 2008
    Hanging out. Memorial Day 2008.
    Posing by Room 20. May 30th weekend.
    Chillin' by the pool. May 30th weekend 2008.
    Nice group from Closter, NJ. May 30th Weekend 2008
    Midweek prom from NY. They had the motel to themselves. Sweet Group. Here's the pic we promised. June 5, 2008
    This is what it's all about June 6th Weekend, 2008
    One of the rooms from Jefferson High School in Lake Hopatcong. Come back next year! June 6th Weekend, 2008
    This years group from South River High School. It's a TRADITION for the school to come to us. We have enjoyed their company for over 10 years in a row! Thank you and we will see you again next year. June 6th Weekend, 2008
    Westwood HS 6/15/08
    This group was from Bergenfield, NJ. 6/15/08
    Bergenfied HS guests from Room 20
    What a nice group of guests
    Great Times at the Colony
    NYC Group spent a few days with us. June 19, 2008 .
    Very nice group from Franklin Square, NY.
    The whole gang from Croton High School. Please come back next year.
    A few of the Croton HS group.
    Pretty young ladies enjoying our pool.
    This was a nice bunch from NYC.
    This was the small group from Woodbridge High School in NJ. May 8, 2009 Weekend
    Perfect guests from Passaic County. May 16th, 2009 Weekend
    Some of the gang from Princeton having a great time. May 16th, 2009 Weekend
    A trio of guys. May 16th, 2009 Weekend
    Pretty girls relaxing by the Colony Motel pool. May 16th, 2009 Weekend
    More girls enjoying the Colony pool. Look at that water sparkle! May 16th, 2009 Weekend
    Look, guys actually use the pool too! May 16th, 2009 Weekend
    Sunny took this very pretty picture of 2 nice young women from Princeton. May 16th, 2009 Weekend
    These girls took advantage of the sun during the May 16th, 2009 Weekend
    These young ladies know the place! May 16th, 2009 Weekend
    The full group from Princeton HS, 2009 Weekend
    A nice room of young adults from Palisades Park, NJ. 5/30/09
    A pretty picture of a our guests. 5/30/09
    Our friends from South River High School. This is the 2009 version.
    South River Room 1
    Some nice young adults that stayed with us June 14th weekend 2009
    Croton Harmon HS, NY June 20, 2009
    Nice Girls from Croton Harmon High School.
    The entire gang from Croton Harmon High School, 2009 Weekend
    Lovely couplw from Princeton HS 2010
    The crew from Princeton HS 2010.  
    Waiting for the bus...
    East Brunswick HS may 21st Weekend, 2010.
    South River HS 2010 Edition.  
    Forever Buds captured on the web. South River HS 210
    A few South River friends on the 2nd floor.
    Some nice young ladies from Croton HS 2010
    Some of the gang from Croton HS (Croton on Hudson NY) June 2010
    Princeton HS, May 14, 2011
    2 nice couples from Princeton HS.
    Princeton HS playing Twister
    Happy group From Princeton HS
    Some nice teens from Staten Island.
    Boys from South River, NJ
    South River HS, 2011 Edition
    The 2012 group from Princeton High School with "Sunny" sitting in the picture. A very nice Memorial Day Weekend 2012 prom.
    Dunellen, NJ was a fantastic Prom. June 1st weekend 2012
    Princeston HS Memorial Day Weekend 2014
    Pretty Princetom High School girls 2014
    Livingston HS 2014.
    Dunellen, NJ. June 1st weekend 2014
    Our longtime friends from South River High School. 2014 edition.
    Somers HS 2014. A new School for us. A great group of young adults.
    Princeton HS 2015 Memorial Day Weekend
    Another group shot of Princeton HS 2015 Memorial Day Weekend
    A cute Princeton Couple 2015.
    Colony memories for this Princeton trio 2015.
    The BEST South River Prom yet! 2015 Prom group..
    Somers High School 2015 Prom June 14th Weekend..
    Somers High guys
    Friends from Somers High School 2015
    Princeton High School 2016 group
    Friends from Princeton High School
    Princeton HS enjoying the Pool 2017
    The 2017 pic of Indian Hills High School
    The girl in front celebrating her Birthday. Indian Hills 2017
    Memorial Day Weekend 2018 with Middlesex High School
    Memorial Day Weekend 2018 with the group from Depaul High School from Wayne, NJ